Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if it rains?

Inspecting clean shop front windowsWe all know that the weather here in Michigan is unpredictable. We also know that the forecast is never 100% accurate. Here are some options.

For Homes:

A: The inside can be started and we can follow the forecast and see what happens. If it does rain that does not mean the windows will necessarily get dirty unless the wind is blowing strongly. Believe it or not but if there is no dirt on the glass, the water will roll off due to not having anything to collect to. In the event that any windows do not meet a customer’s expectations, I have a no cost 48 hour rain guarantee which also applies for birds.

B: The insides can be serviced, the outsides can be serviced at a time when the weather is more
presentable. A customer does not need to be home in this case as long as there is not an issue with locked gates or dogs. An invoice can be left on the door.

C: We can reschedule all together.

For Commercial: Same options apply as residential.

Businesses: Can be serviced at just about any time as long as it’s not raining (depending on
business). Can also be serviced on a different day as long as schedule is not affected and weather is more appealing.

Do I need to move anything?

The only items that I ask to be moved by a customer are possessions that are moderately delicate, and items of sentimental value. I tend to be as careful as possible, but accidents can happen. Other than that I can move just about anything or work around it.

Do you take your shoes off?

For homes I do. I also use a tarp to protect the floor or carpet. The only time I put my shoes or boots on in a home is if I need to use my ladder inside to complete the service. I have booties for my footwear as well.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. Visa, MasterCard and American Express are all welcome. Cash and checks are accepted of course.